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a perfect circle

11.19.03   next single and opener for third leg of tour confirmed...
As most of you probably guessed, The Outsider is APC's new single and is being played on radio stations across the country as we speak. Make sure to call your local radio stations and request The Outsider!
The opening band for the last leg of the US will be Abandoned Pools. They will begin playing with APC on December 2, 2003. You can check out their work at
Be sure to check out the Director's Cut version of the Weak and Powerless video by clicking on the link in the newsring to the right.
There are a few things in the APC discography that I am looking for and hope you guys can help me out. If you have any of the following items (also listed in bold on the discography page) let me know at :
*** Mer de Noms 3 track advance promo CD
*** 3 Libras 7 track UK maxi-promo cd
*** Mer de Noms medley cassette promo
*** 2 track live promo sampler from Canada (sleeve is orange   not gold)
*** The Hollow 2001 2 track CD
A Perfect Circle is on tour NOW! The Icarus Line and Year of the Rabbit will be supporting APC from 10.31 - 11.15 and 11.17 - 11.30 respectively. The supporting act for the remainder of the tour is still unknown.
Thirteenth Step was released today. Be sure to pick up a copy for yourself and everyone you know!
09.09.03   seven days until thirteenth step...
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